Bachelorette "hangover kits" are a popular choice these days for a fun favor to include in bachelorette welcome bags or thank you gifts. These go-to kits can be referred to by a number of names—recovery kits, relief kits, and even "oh sh%*" kits—but often the ingredients are the same. Anything that your girls would find useful in their road to recovery from the night before would be a great addition to your customized kits!

DIY Bachelorette Hangover Kit
DIY Bachelorette Recovery Kit

We've compiled a cute bachelorette hangover kit example (used for a real bachelorette party) with a variety of essentials to aid in your time of need. What's great is that these kits can be completed on any budget! Many of these low-priced items are from My Wedding Favors, and the rest of the supplies can be found at local convenience or even dollar stores.

How To

You're going to want to begin by selecting a favor bag that's not only cute, but also fits the theme of your bachelorette bash. If you're having a beach weekend bachelorette party, our anchor muslin favor bag is the perfect choice to send your girls on a "voyage" to recovery. For a brightly colored or Indian-inspired bachelorette party, why not go with one of our elegant jewel tone favor bags?

We've got a huge selection of perfectly sized favor bags in a variety of styles and materials to make your kits unique. For a more personal and significant gift, you can even upgrade your bachelorette recovery kits by using a cosmetic case rather than a favor bag which can even be personalized. From muslin to burlap to satin, here are a few of our favor bag suggestions:

Bachelorette Hangover Kit Examples with Tags

Next you'll want to choose a tag or sticker for your bags to label them as recovery kits. What you choose to put on the tags is up to you! The kit's tag is an opportunity to be a little creative or show the bride's unique sense of humor. Sayings like, "oh shit", "I can't even", "for when the bubbly bites", "the struggle is real", and "I regret nothing" are just a few fun examples.

Tags like these are an easy DIY. The tags in our example were created on the computer, cut, and then tied to each bag. Alternatively, we offer several pre-cut tags that can be customized and then added to your kits like these kraft favor tags or burlap shipping tags.

Finally, don't forget the components! What you include in the kits is totally up to you, but a few suggestions are: lip balm, mini packets of aspirin, bandages, moist wipes / makeup remover, tissues, hair ties, and mints.

To make your bachelorette recovery kits even more unique, add a few fun and useful keepsakes to the mix. In our example we've included a personalized mint tin, a chic compact mirror, and a miniature manicure set. You can see all these products here:

Tie it All Together

Your finished bachelorette hangover kits are ready to be filled, tied, and tagged. Drop each kit in a welcome bag with a bachelorette bash stemless wine glass or frost plastic cup and a mini bottle of your choice for a fantastic thank you gift. Alternatively, the relief kits can be hung from the neck of a mini bottle of champagne or even a personalized water bottle for quick recovery!

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