Choosing the Best Wedding Gift

by: Michael Kabel

Admit it: you were told a friend, coworker, or relative was getting married, and your first thought was: Now I have to get them a gift!

Choosing the best bridal gift can be tricky. Finding one that’s unique and creative can be almost impossible. Worse, a defeatist mindset sets in as frustration mounts and the number of gift venues dwindles. What to give, especially when you’re sure that the best gifts on the bridal registry have been scooped up by other guests? Registry gifts can also be somewhat impersonal and irrelevant to your relationship with the bride or groom. Giving your college roommate a toaster oven to celebrate their marriage pretty much misses the point. Useful, sure, but there is nothing heartfelt about a toaster.

So what to do? One solution is to give a personalized gift commemorating a special event or time in your friendship. For example, giving a gift frame evocative of the beach might symbolize the Spring Break road trip. A fall themed wedding gift would hearken memories of college life, or brisk afternoons watching football. Picture frames are especially apt in these cases, as they personalize the gift and tie the happy memory of the event to the happy memory of the ceremony.

Another gift idea is to find something you know the bride or groom would like, but perhaps haven’t thought of for themselves. This might include a day at a local spa, a new outfit for traveling on the honeymoon, or new luggage tags for the same. At first, you might not think such gifts personal, but they’ll appreciate your efforts to make their hectic lives a little bit easier.

When buying the main gift, why not consider buying a secondary “notion” gift as well? This smaller gift can be whimsical and fun, a way to celebrate the occasion with a little levity. Such gifts might include something like wedding flip-flops, which feature soles that imprint “just married” on the sandy honeymoon beach. Matching bride and groom t-shirts are also a fun way to let them designate each other on casual mornings lying around. Personalized beer and wine glasses are also a fun touch. Personalizing in recent years has become quite affordable, but still carries a distinctive touch that’s sure to resonate in the happy couple’s hearts.

Finally, when choosing the best wedding gift, remember that the gift is the symbol, and while symbols are important because they remind us of important things, they are not the things themselves. The friendships and memories created by those relationships – events such as weddings, and even in a wry sense, shopping for gifts – endear us to each other and create warmth throughout our lives. Gifts represent, and can represent quite well. Just as friendships and the challenge of finding the perfect gift remind us of what’s important, too.

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