Similar to a souvenir coaster, the bottle stopper was once just a plain household item that nobody thought much about. However, a new generation of party hosts and planners are upgrading bottle stoppers to a modern, elegant favor with plenty of charm. With the resurgence of the "cocktail culture" of years past and a new public enthusiasm for wine collecting and wine related favors, it’s no surprise the bottle stopper is quickly becoming a trendy wedding favor for the modern bride and groom looking to give their guests a gift beyond the ordinary.

"Bottle stoppers really offer a lot of versatility," says wedding expert Roslyn Flores. "They're sturdy enough by themselves that they'll last a long time after the wedding. On the other hand, you can wrap them up to make a great presentation at the reception. They're becoming a wedding favor top seller across the board at a lot of favor retailers," she adds. "Brides looking to give their guests something unexpected. A lot of them feel like a lovely version of an everyday item makes their own event seem that much more extraordinary."

Bottle stoppers' very construction adds to their appeal as a gift for large numbers of guests. They're designed to universal specifications, which means they'll fit virtually any size wine, spirits, or soda bottle. "If you look at any number of wine and liquor bottles, while the sizes and shapes are all over the place, the mouth is still the same one inch diameter," says former bar manager Michael Kabel. The bottle stopper's rubber gaskets prevent spillage and create an airtight seal, too. Before guests take them home, however, the bottle stopper's strength lies in its presentation.

A chrome bottle stopper, like Kate Aspen’s gold heart bottle stopper, is romantic and goes with almost any theme. While a ceramic stopper, like this flower bottle stopper, is just as sturdy and perfectly fit for a garden wedding to complement the serving of white wine. Alternatively, bottle stoppers can also be picked to perfectly accent a couple’s wedding color palette.

Another great aspect of the bottle stopper as a wedding or party favor is that one can be found for nearly any season or style of party! Take a summer beach event or nautical bridal shower for example— stoppers such as an adorable and gorgeously packaged seahorse bottle stopper or this nautical anchor bottle stopper are so fit for the season and theme of the event.

Seahorse Bottle Stopper
Nautical Anchor Bottle Stopper
Sand & Shell-Filled Globe Bottle Stopper

Couples often choose to present the bottle stoppers in an elegant or fanciful gift box, while others choose a colorful tag that emphasizes their wedding décor. Some couples are also choosing to give the bottle stopper as an accent to other, larger gifts for members of their wedding party. "If you're giving a martini shaker or set of rocks glasses as groomsmen gifts," Kabel says, "it's almost a necessity you convey something else in the way of bartending tools. The bottle stopper is an accessory that, even among restaurant workers, people don't realize they need until the last minute."

Finally, the bottle stopper makes a trendy wedding favor presentation when escorting a large number of guests to their seats. Some couples choose to have personalized bottle stoppers, or use them as place card settings, adorning them with a ribbon and the guests’ name cards, either at the entrance to the reception hall or at each setting.

My Wedding Favors carries a complete selection of bottle stopper wedding favors. We also offer them packaged in our unique "personality favor box" presentation, so you can match your own personality to your wedding favor décor and design scheme.

Bottle Stopper Favorites