Bridesmaids Gifts

Bridesmaids Gifts

            Your bridesmaids are the most important members of your wedding party – next to the groom, of course! They perform so many functions, from helping you with the gowns and decorations, planning the reception and rehearsal dinner, and throwing your bridal shower. All this, and many of them come from out of town at their own expense. They deal with so many responsibilities, just to make your big day perfect, you want to sure your appreciation in the best way possible!


But choosing the perfect, unique gift for bridesmaids can lead to frustration. There are so many different choices. Of course, you want the gifts you give your bridesmaids to be of lasting value and beauty, as a sign of your gratitude and friendship. At the same time, you don’t want to go overboard on cost, or appear inconsiderate of their time and trouble. It’s tough to strike a perfect balance, so you should carefully consider a range of gifts before making a final decision.


One tried and true form of bridesmaid gift is the personalized keepsake. Personalizing is the difference between a memorable gift and a gift that’s unforgettable; monogramming or including the bridesmaid’s initials carries an extra touch of intimacy. Giving each bridesmaid a personalized frame that includes a picture of the maids together, perhaps at the rehearsal dinner or ceremony itself, preserves a sense of group unity and creates a valued souvenir of the event. Similarly, giving each maid a monogrammed latch bracelet creates a sense of group identity, and gives each maid a unique piece of jewelry to enjoy long after the ceremony.


Of course, there are more practical gifts to consider, as well. Your bridesmaids might enjoy a personalized tote bag or make up kit. These time-saving gifts allow your bridesmaids both convenience and charm, and the personalized touch makes them unique, as well!


Jewelry is another way to link your bridesmaids in a common theme, and remains useful long after the ceremony has finished. Gifts such as necklace and earring sets, or charm watches and bracelets, provide charming accents not only to the bridal party and reception, but can be reused for future social events. These gifts can be relatively austere, such as shaped and polished wood necklaces, or feature tiny gemstones in exquisite settings. They’re useful gifts, and will always remind your bridesmaids of your special day!


Finally, another bridesmaid’s gift to consider is the personalized luxury item. These gifts are an excellent opportunity to pamper your members of the wedding party with sumptuous comfort. A monogrammed bath robe, or personalized toiletry bag stuffed with beauty care products, is a great way to spoil them without spending a fortune on spas or professional beauty care specialists. These gifts are compact, elegant, and personal at the same time.


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