The wedding guests are gone, and everything is over, as your fairy-tale wedding becomes a not-so distant memory. Now that you're back home from the honeymoon, you're looking forward to opening the wedding gifts, decorating your new home or just lounging around and enjoying being Mr. and Mrs. for a while. But as you're opening boxes and putting items away, you come across your cake topper. It was a beautiful addition to your cake, but you're not so sure what to do with it now. You've spent too much money on it just to throw it away, so now what? If you find yourself in this dilemma, here are five ways to make good use of your cake topper after the wedding.

Monogram Madness
If you chose a monogrammed cake topper, you can display it in your home in a number of creative ways. Whether you have a single initial or a full monogram, placing the topper on a table in the foyer next to a small floral centerpiece is an elegant way to welcome guests to your home. The letters will also look great hanging on the wall in the den or study.

Create wall art
Truly a one of a kind piece of artwork, you can mount your cake topper in a shadow box frame and even include some of the wedding flowers along the base. This is an excellent idea regardless of the type of cake topper you choose. Displaying the framed art in your formal dining or living room is a great idea.

Make it an heirloom
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you saved your cake topper for your first-born child to use at their wedding? Taking care of the "something old," it would add a touch of nostalgia and romance to their wedding that is unparalleled.

Plant it!
If you're from Bermuda, you already know what to do with your cake topper. The tradition is to use a tiny green tree as a cake topper. After the wedding, the bride and groom can plant the tree in their garden and watch it grow along with their marriage. This is also a great idea for brides looking for an eco-friendly cake topper.

Reuse It
If you don't choose a customized cake topper, you might be able to get a lot of use out of it for future events. I wouldn't suggest using it for just any occasion, but an abstract design, doves or flowers can be used to top other cakes for wedding anniversaries, birthdays, retirements or almost any other event. Adding a sentimental touch, cake toppers can continue to make occasions special long after your wedding.

When it comes to selecting the right cake topper, it's helpful to decide what you'd like to do with it after the wedding beforehand. It could really make a difference in the type of topper you choose. Remember, even though your special day will be fabulous and the cake will be delicious, it will all become a beautiful memory after the wedding, but the cake topper will always be a tangible symbol that will continue to inspire those memories for years to come.