Ready for some advice on how to make your special day even more special? Your provider of Wedding Favors has you covered. Here are just a few helpful tips to keep in mind when the big day finally arrives:

Make a graceful exit

Many of your guests will feel it’s rude to leave before you do. As the reception winds to a close, don’t make it awkward for your guests to depart. Be sure to leave early enough to exit with a large group of family and friends sending you off. Leave the collection of small details, such as finding Aunt Becky’s purse, to your Mom or other family so you can seamless speed off to your next destination.

Keep the post-ceremony photos under control

You don’t want the joy of the reception to be delayed as everyone patiently for the wedding photographer to do his job. Ask what can be accomplished in a ½ hour, and then stick to that timetable. Make sure the photographer is set up and ready to begin immediately when you arrive.

Another option, if you want to capture as many memories as possible, is to take portraits before the ceremony. This trend is gaining popularity as it makes the reception much more stress free. You can take the pictures with your family, and the groom with his, then take only the combined photos after the reception. Or break with tradition and take all your photos before the ceremony.

Also request that throughout the ceremony, the photographer keeps the picture taking as candid as possible. Trust us, the “perfect” photo is not nearly as memorable as catching a spontaneous giggle or wink on film.

It’s the small details that count. Don’t make the mistake of purchasing poor-quality Wedding Favors for one of the most important events of your life. Our Wedding Favor site can help you find the right accessories to add that special touch. Remember, it’s the special touches that can make an event truly memorable.

Beach Wedding?
If you're thinking about getting married near the beach, you should consider Wedding Favors with a Beach Theme. Won't there be water and beautiful stars and warm beaches under your toes? Wedding Favors with a Beach Theme are anything from small votive candles to small snap shot frames to drink coasters shaped like shells and starfish. Even if you aren't planning a wedding on the beach, there are thousands of Special Wedding Favors that you and your sweetheart should go through.