The destination wedding theme is growing in popularity each year. Many brides and wedding planners realize that basing their event’s decorations around a particular locale or setting helps them finalize details and more easily make decisions on decorations, food, favors, and atmosphere. Destinations can be both real, for example Paris or Aruba, or they can be abstract - for example beach themed wedding receptions or Asian-influenced ceremonies.

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When planning a destination wedding, a lot of ambiance can be communicated through the selection of wedding favors. Later, unique wedding favors serve to remind guests of the fun and splendor of the reception. Destination wedding favors can do more than just communicate gratitude – in many ways, they are the souvenir from the special day, the reminder given to guests to commemorate their time at your festivities. As such, the favor assumes a special importance, and should be selected with consideration and care by the bride and wedding planner alike.

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That’s not to say the wedding favors you choose can’t be fun, either. Recently, I attended a reception in which the happy couple gave away coffee and tea as favors, as part of their romantic Victorian-themed wedding. The beverages were tastefully packaged in small boxes and tied with ribbon, equivalent to the kind found in the best luxury hotels. The message they wanted to convey with their wedding favors was simple, the groom told me later: we thank you for your time tonight, he said. Tomorrow morning, please allow the moment of good taste and relaxation found with these English-influenced beverages to bring you a moment of sophistication before starting your journey home. The guest favor was simple, elegant, and not at all expensive per unit, he explained, but the enjoyment afforded was momentous.

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Similarly, some couples headed for tropical honeymoons have given small pouches of cocktail mixes as favors. Paired with personalized glassware, like a cute can glass or personalized stemless wine glass, these single-serving mixers offer the basic ingredients for margaritas, cosmopolitans, and pina coladas to each guest, evoke the couples’ destination. In a way, the bride said, the guests could join them "in spirit" for a drink at their getaway destination. While the pouches did not include alcohol, they still brought to mind the excitement and romance of leisurely cocktails sipped in exotic destinations.

Finally, destination wedding favors can also reinforce the design motif. When holding an Asian-themed wedding, for example, having tiny mint tins or tea bags personalized for each guest gives a touch of Eastern hospitality while accenting the reception’s central theme. They, too, are inexpensive and can be purchased in bulk quantities to reduce cost.

Destination & Tropical Wedding Favorites