Your Guide to Wedding Fashion, Fall 2007
Part Two in a series
by: Michael Kabel

Are you a fashion-forward bride? Will your wedding be the designer event of the fall?
Innovative style and creative design are making their mark on the modern wedding, and every year the latest trends become that much more elegant and original.
In Part One, we talked about the hottest fashions for brides and bridesmaids - how brides are finding their own unique wedding vision in the styles of the elegant past. Bridesmaids dress colors are taking a turn for the unusual, too, with warmer shades of offbeat colors making a sumptuous presentation at the altar.
Many couples are finding their wedding style doesn't necessarily end at the wedding reception - the fun is really just beginning! Presented below is your guide for where to find the best and brightest honeymoon destinations and diversions - and how to throw your guests the party of a lifetime at your reception.

Honeymoon Destinations
Fashionable young couples are taking a cue from movie stars for their hottest honeymoon destination, saying "Benvenuto" to scenic Italy.
"The Tom Cruise - Katie Holmes wedding near Rome really put Italy on the map as a honeymoon or romantic adventure destination," says one Atlanta-area travel agent. "We’re seeing couples heading not just there but for Tuscany, Sicily, and Venice too."
Of course, the different parts of Italy appeal to different tastes. Rome is a jet-setting capital of the world, while Tuscany's quiet wine country with its exotic arts and architecture appeal to those wanting a quiet getaway, where a bride and groom can focus on each other. And the canals of ancient Venice remain the go-to destination for luxuriantly-paced wedding romance.
Another popular form of honeymoon is the so-called "epic adventure." Such trips might include driving across America in a convertible, exploring the ruins of Machu Picchu, or hiking through the Great Smoky Mountains. These adventure trips, experts say, probably appeal most to the "overachieving" couple who want their honeymoon to be not just a grand vacation but also the experience of a lifetime.

Receptions and Parties
One word comes to mind when summing up the hot receptions of 2007: "Cheers!" Rather than the elaborate banquet of times past, many couples are choosing to host their reception as a swank, informal cocktail party where guests can mingle and relax. The reception might have a theme, such as a Napa Valley wine tasting, or simply be a martini party a la The Rat Pack (making a great complement to those 1950s wedding gowns.)
Serving small appetizers formed of the latest fusion cuisine is another popular choice, as is presenting guests with an elaborate dessert buffet after the drinks or the conventional meal is served. The dessert buffet, a sleek contrast to the regular "all you can eat" style buffet of years past, is a simple way to serve guests a variety of gourmet foods without spending a fortune. Some designer cuisine includes treats as diverse as gourmet cheesecake, special mousse, and handmade sherbet or ice cream.
Desserts can also be the "finishing touch" on a wedding motif or "Couples use the dessert buffet to tie their wedding theme together," Medina says. "They'll serve key lime pie fresh from Key West if they're having a beach-themed wedding. One couple was honeymooning in New Orleans, so they served their guests chocolate doberge cake and café au lait after their meal." As when serving any dessert, make sure any pastries or daisy-based items can be refrigerated and arrive at your guests table as fresh as possible.

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