Fun Wedding Gifts
by: Michael Kabel

Wedding gifts can be sophisticated, they can be elegant or heartfelt, but they can also be fun! While it’s important to give gifts and favors with an attention to communicating your best wishes and respect, there’s no reason you can’t also bring a smile, share a laugh, or create a funny moment amid all the wedding festivities.

Fun gifts also make great little “extras” – smaller gifts that complement the larger gifts you give, while communicating a different emotional mood. These kinds of gifts also make excellent bridal shower gifts, as well, for the bridesmaids and friends who want to get the other guests laughing and relaxed.

Some ideal fun wedding gifts include:

· Gifts for pets: your beloved household pets are members of the family, too, and adorning your little best friend is a great way to brighten a ceremony or reception. It’s irresistibly cute and makes a nice accent to the reception’s decor. For the pet’s comfort, consider a bow or ribbon tied delicately around the neck.

· Gifts for the beach: For the couple going to a tropical of seaside destination, wedding flip-flops are a great notion. These specially constructed thong flip-flops carry special molds on the bottom that stamp the words “just married” across the beach as the couple walks.

· Bridal toilet paper: It’s necessary everyday. It’s made of paper. Now it’s got a wedding theme. Make ‘em giggle with bride and groom toilet paper. These weird but charming gifts are sold in rolls and packs, just like the normal t.p. at the store. Except it’s got a bride and groom on it.

· Bottle and glass decorations: what funnier way to designate the bride and groom’s glasses at the banquet table? It’s a cute, funny note for the reception dinner, and they’re reusable.

· Bride and Groom T-shirts: a fun item for them to wear around the house and during the honeymoon. Simple, machine washable fun.

· Wedding Day Survival Kit: these lightweight train cases include 30 items brides need “just in case” on their wedding day, such as breath mints, handy wipes, a brush, and deodorant.

When choosing the gift, let your imagination run wild. Weddings are a solemn, momentous time in life, but the reception is just for fun, and for celebrations. You might also consider giving a combination of these gifts – for example, a “hotel room” kit of t-shirts, toilet paper, and flip-flops. You might also consider giving some of these gifts as bridal favors, or as little extras to the wedding party, for that final little note of gratitude and generosity.

All in all, though, remember to make the gifts and favors fun – a wedding is above all else a cause for joy, and laughter is the quickest, surest route for communicating that joy to your friends and relatives.

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