Goodie Guide: Getting The Most Out Of (Or Into) Your Wedding Favor Boxes

Have you ever searched and searched for a unique wedding favor box only to be stumped while trying to figure out how many candies to put inside? Or maybe you've been the recipient of a wedding favor that had only 2-3 chocolate wedding candy favors while the person next to you had a full box with 10-12 candies, suggesting that they were probably running out by the time they made yours.

Calculating the amount of candy it takes to fill those 2" x 2" boxes varies, largely depending on the type of treat. Wouldn't it be helpful if there was a little favor guide to help you with the calculations? We'll, here it is—a Goodie Guide for the bride who loves diy bride! Not only is it helpful, a Goodie Guide can save you money! You don't have to waste money buying extra candy "just in case" you might not be able to return. Goodie Guides also keep things consistent, so every guest has the same amount in their box. Wedding Favor Packaging comes in bags, boxes, pouches and all sorts of shapes, which can make getting the right amount a little challenging. Not only do you need to know how many candies to put in the box, but also how many candies are typically in a pound (so you'll know how much to buy). Based on the most popular wedding chocolates and candies and a standard 2" x 2" box, here's a guide to make sure you have an ample amount for your guests:

Gold Favor Box

Description Amount/Full Box Avg. Quantity/lb.
Dutch Mints: 36 delightfully minty pieces 210
Jordan Almonds: 15 sweet crunchy almonds 120
Hershey Kisses: 11 silver bells 100
Melty Mints: 12 smooth mints 100
Conversation Hearts: 30 sweet-talking hearts 150
M&M’s: 90 chocolate pieces 530
Butter Mints: 62 after-dinner mints 270
Jelly Beans: 75 bouncing beans 400

Keep in mind that these amounts completely fill the boxes to the rim, which you don't have to do. Dividing the amounts in halves or even thirds to partially fill the box is perfectly fine and more economical. In fact, most brides only use five Jordan almonds in their boxes. Armed with this information, calculating the candy just got a whole lot easier!