The Countdown Checklist for the Groom

by: Michael Kabel

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! Now, you've got your work cut out for you getting ready.

Look, there's a lot to do before the wedding. It's true that the actual wedding and reception arrangements are probably figured out by the bride and her friends and family, but you've got more to knock out than just renting a tux and getting your groomsmen together. But since you're busy with other things, and there's actually so much to remember, here’s a timeline to make it easy for you. You’re welcome.

Six months before the wedding day

- Pick and invite your best man and groomsmen, as well as all your ushers.

- Begin compiling the guest list.

- Meet with the priest, pastor, or other officiant to discuss the ceremony.

- Discuss the wedding finances with your bride and her family.

- Begin planning the honeymoon; if you’re going out of the country, get your passport up to date.

- Shop for wedding rings.

- Research blood tests and marriage license requirements in your state.

Four months before the wedding day:

- Finish the guest list and give it to your bride and/or wedding planner.

- Order the attire for your best man, groomsmen, etc.

- Complete the honeymoon planning details. This includes making hotel reservations, purchasing airline tickets, and getting traveler’s checks if desired.

Three months before the wedding day:

- Get your finger sized for the wedding ring and order the bands.

- Research and order your bride’s bouquet and the corsages for your mother and hers; order the boutonnieres for the groomsmen.

- See your doctor for the blood test.

- Start planning your rehearsal dinner with your parents: select the restaurant and the menu.

- Consult with your best man about the bachelor party; let him know what you want.

Two months before the wedding day:

- Arrange hotel rooms for your out of town guests

- Buy gifts for the best man and groomsmen & ushers

- Start shopping for your wedding gift to the bride.

- Pick up the wedding rings, making sure the engraving is correct.

- Finalize details for your rehearsal dinner.

- Get all documents, including marriage license and insurance information, in good order.

One month before the wedding day:

- Help the bride choose the thank you notes.

- Arrange transportation for out of town guests between wedding events.

- Verify all your honeymoon arrangements, and the travel arrangements of your groomsmen and best man.

- Coordinate final details of the rehearsal dinner.

- Enjoy the bachelor party. Stay out of trouble!

The week of the wedding:

- Pack for the honeymoon, including the going-away clothes you'll wear the day after the wedding and reception.

- Get your hair cut.

- Hand off the officiant's honorarium to the best man, so he can give it before the ceremony.

- Arrange fittings for tuxedos for the best man and groomsmen.

- Double check all final details; put the marriage license in a safe place, to stay until the ceremony.

The day of the wedding:

- Get married.