Giving Your Groomsmen the Perfect Gift

by: Michael Kabel

Gifts given to groomsmen are an important part of saying thank you to a crucial element of the wedding ceremony. Groomsmen offer the wedding and reception a great deal, at their own expense, and the token of gratitude they receive should be equal to their responsibilities.

In traditional weddings, a groomsman is someone the groom has asked to participate in the wedding ceremony. They are part of the wedding party, the equivalent to bridesmaids, and sometimes act as ushers or special agents of the groom to ensure guests arrive and are seated comfortably. In the wedding procession, they escort the bridesmaids down the aisle and stand counterpoint to them at the ceremonial stand. Before the ceremony, they act as advisors to the groom, helping him determine clothing, make decisions regarding the ceremony and its location, counsel the groom before the wedding day, and offer support as the event draws near. Groomsmen also play a large part before the wedding, attending showers and rehearsal dinners, and planning and paying for the bachelor party. After the wedding, they assist in carrying gifts, removing any personal belongings for the groom, and helping to escort the couple from the ceremony.

Groomsmen often travel from distant locations, as well, paying for their own travel expenses and lodging, and often pay for their own clothes for the ceremony. The role of groomsman is not cheap. In that sense, offering groomsmen a keepsake gift or something that will stand the test of time becomes an especially powerful form of tribute.

Personalized or engraved gifts are a classy and increasingly fashionable form of thank you to the groomsmen. These may include monogrammed money clips and cufflinks, engraved glasses or beer tankards, or personalized clothing. Such gifts denote the masculinity commonly associated with the groomsmen’s tradition of “honor guard” for the groom, and express a kind of group spirit among them. They are also a sophisticated way to convey the sense of elegance surrounding a wedding, and that elegance translates to memories and good feelings long after the ceremony.

Another popular and powerful wedding choice includes gifts that communicate a sense of gentlemanly style. These items are usually personalized or monogrammed. Classic examples include a personalized personal grooming kit, which includes a brush, tweezers, and safety razor, or a combination shoe shine/manicure kit. Such gifts are usually packaged in a leather or wooden case, and lend themselves to monogramming or initialing.

Finally, grooms and wedding planners should consider giving other useful gifts such as watches, desk clocks, or wallets. They are items that can be used for years and, like the gifts described above, are easy to personalize. As the groomsmen are an important part of the wedding ceremony, and thus an essential part of the wedding and reception’s lasting memory, reflecting those qualities in gifts of quality and lasting sentimental value is especially important.

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