Wedding Bliss Behind the Scenes

What a feeling it was announcing our engagement to family and fiends. The tricky part was yet to take place with the “meeting of the families.” Or, as we liked to refer to it, “challenge of the minds.” Setting the wedding style and size was the easy part of the wedding planning. It was when we set the budget and created the guest list where we had to get creative.

When you have limited funds and time restraints it’s amazing just how easy it is to get rid of the access frills and focus in on the main priorities in life. After all that champagne fountain, and designer bouquet will be forgotten within a few hours, but the memory of the gathering of people and the words that were exchanged will linger in the hearts of your family members.

Our day was a special one complete with sentiment and lots of love.

Between planning the basics with wedding rings, dresses, invitations, cakes, flowers, and gifts our budget was wearing thin. In this case we wanted to make sure all the necessities were met and there was still a little left for starting life together. One of the things that made the transition from the “big day” to the “big new life” was an After the Honeymoon Checklist. This list was made up of some of the things most young couples don’t think of, but are vital when the hustle and bustle of the festivities settle.

Some of the most important changes were: changing our driver’s license, making an address change, having thank-you cards readily available and most importantly changing our auto insurance!

Most people initially think about the added costs that come with marriage, but there can be a significant savings in money when you consider auto insurance together as a couple. If you and your spouse are safe drivers then it could be easier than you think to save money on auto insurance. We took a good look at re-evaluating and combining our insurance policies. With the new move and address location we were also able to get lower rates. Another advantage on top of that was that we were both willing to use the same agent and were given an additional discount. This factored nicely in the monthly budget! With the nice low rates it’s a great time to checkout a joint agent near you. We are also checking new car price quotes, and we consulted with our agent about insurance premiums, since our current auto repair bills are higher than the price of a monthly car note.

With the world of internet today, it is virtually simple to jump on line and request an auto insurance quote. It really pays to shop around for the lowest rates around for auto insurance. Why fight the crowds and gas prices running around town? Checking out quotes by using the internet not only cuts down on precious time that you can devote to last minute wedding plans. What a perfect match that not only allows you to be on your way to saving money but can give you better auto insurance coverage.

So when it comes to providing the very best for that special day, don’t forget to evaluate all your options from organizing the last minute details in your wedding lists, to the most sensible auto insurance around!

The After the Honeymoon Checklist worked for us and we were so happy we found the ideas ahead of time. Don’t be overwhelmed by long bulky wedding lists out there. Just concentrate on the few important details. It can work for you too if you add a little bit of internet research mixed with your very own ingenuous imagination! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and live…happily ever after.

Meredith Merchan

Freelance writer and consumer advocate for the auto insurance and auto repair sector. Read more from Meredith at