Because You're Worth It: Five Bridal Indulgences
by Michael Kabel

Planning your wedding reception has meant months of arduous work and effort, from running the time-consuming errands of getting the venue booked and the catering settled to all the meticulous details of the invitations. For everything you've done, you deserve a little R&R - rest and recovery.
Now, you're probably thinking you don't have the time, and that if you take a day off you'll miss out on a crisis or emergency that just has to have your complete attention. That may be so, but you shouldn't exhaust yourself before what's supposed to be the happiest day of your life, either. Your wedding is meant to be a tremendous experience, and it's a shame to sleepwalk through it.
Try to schedule your R&R about a week to ten days before the wedding, so you'll have time to come back and attend to all the inevitable last minute details. You don't have to spend a fortune on the trip, but you don't necessarily have to pinch pennies, either.

Revisit Your Favorite "Favorite"
Everyone has favorites, though when we get busy we don't often take the time to appreciate or even remember them. As a break from the wedding hustle, take yourself to your favorite getaway. Maybe it's the snug little coffee shop on the edge of campus. Maybe it's the art gallery downtown, or maybe it's the bistro you haven't visited in years. Seeing some old sentimental favorites will let you take stock in yourself and appreciate how far you've come in the wedding preparations.

Spend Some Quality Isolation Time
This can be as simple as bolting yourself into your living room for an evening and chilling out with your favorite DVD. It might also mean staying up all night with the book you've been meaning to get around to reading. The activity itself doesn't matter, only that - like the "favorites revisited" idea above - you spend time recharging your own energies by putting yourself first.

Hit The Spa

Possibly nothing cures the nerves and reboots the brain like a day at your favorite spa. You might want to schedule the trip three or four days in advance, so you're still recharged for the wedding day itself. You can also bring along your bridesmaids, too, making a day of it and bonding one last time before the celebrations commence.

Take Your Fiancé On A Date
You've both been so busy with preparations that you've probably sort of neglected one another. Why not revisit the sites of your first date, so you can relive some of your earliest memories together? Or, the two of you can treat yourselves to someplace you've always wanted to go - a swank restaurant or cozy bistro - as a last date before married life.

Road Trip!
You don't have to go far and you don't have to spend a lot of money, but getting out of town for a day can give you some perspective. You might go to the beach, to the mall in the next town over, or to tour the historic district somewhere close by. As long as you're having a little adventure, why not? You'll be ready for the last push to the altar when you get back.