Over That Broom, Part One: Wedding Favors for the Modern Black Wedding

by: Michael Kabel

A modern wedding isn't complete without a reception. Brides invite their whole families and most of their friends, and there's so much going on that it's sometimes impossible to greet every guest that's come to share the occasion.

Wedding favors help brides show their appreciation by giving every guest something tangible. The favor doesn't have to be elaborate and it doesn't have to cost a fortune, but it's a souvenir guests will appreciate. And because the wedding reflects the whole community's reason to celebrate, the favor should be something significant to the whole community, too.

Three approaches to making your wedding favor choice are listed just below. They're meant to be guidelines and not rules, so don't feel you have to keep your imagination bottled up.

Favors that demonstrate your faith

Because the wedding is a spiritual event, you might choose to share your faith with every guest through the presentation of your wedding favor. There are dozens of favors available that reflect faith and devotion, and give praise where it's most important.

Imagine the guests discovering cross-topped wedding bells at their reception place settings – what a perfect symbol of faith on your perfect day. Other popular favors can even help your guests in their spiritual studies. Sterling silver bookmarks, for example, make a great addition to any Sunday ensemble.

In choosing a faith-based wedding favor, you tell your guests how important your new marriage is to you, because they'll see your devotion to both mirrored in each one.

Favors that celebrate your heritage

Except for possibly faith, maybe no other sense of connection runs so deep through the black community as pride in our heritage. In celebrating a wedding by paying attention to your roots, you connect the new marriage to the larger story of both your family and your ancestry.

Favors that celebrate heritage are as simple as gourmet chocolate bars adorned with traditional African color patterns and schemes. They can also commemorate, like favors such as miniature fans and even tiny scale straw brooms. The favor can represent your own family's personal history or say something larger about your culture. It's your decision, but remember to pick something you believe guests will enjoy using again and again, if only as a memento.

Favors that show your sophistication

A thoroughly modern wedding requires a thoroughly modern perspective. The sophisticated wedding favor can take whatever shape you like, because your own vision is the key.

Imagine a little treat in silver chrome glittering on each table. Or, picture a personalized favor that's got your name and date directly inscribed across it, making it a unique keepsake of your celebration. The final decision you make should match not just your style but the style of the wedding, too.

Sophisticated favors range from memory books and coasters that store photos of your special event to favors that reflect your beliefs and interests. Of course, they can also just look good for the sake of looking good!

The sophisticated approach is finally a way to have a theme that evokes a special setting for your wedding reception. There are plenty of themes to choose from. Some favors even serve a practical purpose in everyday life, so guests are reminded of your sophistication every time they use them.