Dyeing Your Shoes

At My Wedding Favors, we highly recommend that once your shoes are received, they be brought to a local store for dyeing purposes, as we are unable to accept returns or exchanges on any dyed shoes. This allows you the opportunity to assure that the shoes you have chosen are exactly what you want before the dyeing process. When your shoes are dyed properly, they will accent your dress beautifully.

To ensure the best dyeing process, follow these tips:

*Always approve of the color before your shoes are dyed.

*Dyed items can look different in different lighting. Indoor and outdoor lighting affects the shoes differently. Always let your dyer know the lighting of your event and ask how this will affect the color of your shoes.

*Dyed shoes may not perfectly match your dress due to differences in fabric. A quality dyer will be able to match your dress as closely as possible and provide a beautiful accent to your dress.

*Ask your dyer about waterproofing abilities.

*Several large chain shoe stores along with several local shoe repair stores offer quality dyeing. Contact stores in your area for the best prices.

Please feel free to contact us with any further questions regarding dyeing!