Want to plan a small wedding? Your provider of unique and special Wedding Favors has found some good advice from someone who’s been there:

What's a "small" wedding?

For some people, "small" refers to the number of guests. That may mean, for some, under 200 people (though I think I'd disagree!!!). For others, 100 people is the cut-off mark. But some people want less than 50 guests, or are just including family and their closest friends. In my case, we had less than 30 people present!

For others, "small" may refer to the bridal party, where only a few attendants (or no attendants) are included.

At any rate, in some way or another your "small" wedding is going to be different from the usual wedding you attend or read about. This may mean that some of the aspects of the ceremony and reception that occur in more typical weddings are not as appropriate. But it also means that you may be able to do some special things that other brides & grooms cannot do.

Since what constitutes a "small" wedding varies, and the formality may vary as well, some of the tips below may be more or less appropriate for the wedding you have in mind.

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Beach Wedding?
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