Spectacular Send-Offs:
Alternatives to Throwing Rice At Your Wedding

By: Karen Sullen

Typically, brides make sure that every detail of the wedding ceremony is planned to perfection. The flowers, the dress, the table décor, not a detail is missed. But when it comes to planning how the ceremony will end, many couples seem to be in such a hurry to get to the reception that they miss an opportunity to add an extra spark to their day. Great beginnings deserve beautiful endings. As an alternative to throwing rice, create your own breath-taking finale with sparklers, petals, poppers, bubbles or butterflies.

Go out with a bang!
Sparklers can really create a festive, vibrant closure to an evening wedding ceremony, whether indoors or on the beach. Imagine walking through your own personal fireworks display as you leave the ceremony! A safe and spectacular effect, wedding sparklers make for a dazzling finish.

Give yourself the royal treatment!

Kings and queens walk on rose petals to signify their royal status. As king and queen for the day, you can do the same as guests shower you with rose petals. Coordinate them with your color scheme or go one step further and have them personalized with your name and date.

Get ready for a popping good time!
With wedding confetti popping up all over, it will be hard for the bride and groom to contain their excitement. This fun favor really packs a punch! With enough on hand for every guest, it's almost like having your own private parade.

Up, up and away!

After the ceremony, float down the aisle surrounded by tiny bubbles, representing everyone's well wishes. Wedding bubbles are an eco-friendly alternative to rice with nothing to cleanup afterwards. Personalized bottles of wedding bubbles are available in a variety of motifs, including cakes, champagne bottles and butterflies.

Release your inhibitions!
If you are planning an outdoor wedding, why not include a butterfly release? The delightful flutter of colorful wings can create a unique sendoff for a garden wedding that is simply beautiful.

As you can see, there are many alternatives to throwing rice at the conclusion of the wedding ceremony. Each one can allow the couple to reflect their personality and style for an glorious finish to a lovely day.