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Your boyfriend asked you to marry him. Of course, you said yes! Took him long enough to see what a 'catch' he had. Well congratulations are in order; here's to the new bride and groom!

But wait...

Now you have a wedding to plan right, aargh!

And...Yes, you have to put everything down on paper...tally the costs...listen to your husband-to-be say "Whatever you like sweetie" for the 10th your guest list increase from 30 to say 150?...try to convince your mother that, the cousin whom you've never ever seen, really doesn't have to be at your wedding! And the list goes on...

Okay, maybe you'll sail smoother than most, but when the seas get rocky - and it will get rocky - grab on to my lifeline why don't you? I really think you'll find my tips useful. From one bride to another..."I've been there, done that!"

Welcome to the first in a series of 10 Wedding Survival Tips. These are things I learned as I planned my own wedding, and I hope you find them useful.

Please let me know if there's any other way I can help. I love weddings!

Jen's Wedding Survival Tip #1

Embrace that Stress, Love that Anxiety

It's inevitable. Planning your wedding will cause you a little, if not tons, of anxiety. No one is immune.

So what to do? Before you dunk your head in aromatherapy oil or try to mantra your stress away, don't bother. Anxiety is an annoying mosquito of a wedding reality that you just have to accept. The good news is that you can make anxiety work for you. Or you can at least work around it. Here's how:

  • Redefine anxiety. Consider it fuel. If you wake up at 5 a.m. worrying about whether your gown will fit - get up! You might as well go for a walk, clean the kitchen, or do anything else productive. Work that worry!

  • Designate a Sounding Board. Set aside one bridesmaid to listen to you vent. Let the others arrange showers, you are going to need a dedicated ear. So figure out who is best at calming you down or making you laugh and inform her that her one job is listening, when you call her in freaked-out tears!

  • Celebrate your ToDo list. Enjoy every little victory. When you cross something off your list, stop and enjoy the feeling of completion. Mentally roll around in it. You'll feel that much more on top of things when another deadline looms.

  • Break It Up. Planning your wedding 24/7 is not just silly and unrealistic. It's, um, crazy? So every week or two take a night off. See a movie, go bowling, square dance, just do anything besides working on your wedding. The energy and mental clarity you'll gain will make you a far less stressy, far more productive bride-to-be.
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    Stay tuned for tip number 2, "How to keep perspective when things go wrong."

    Happy Planning,


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