Tall Wedding Centerpieces: The Long and Short Of It
By: Karen Sullen

Floral, candle or totally abstract, wedding centerpieces can take on just about any shape and style. Beyond the beauty and elegance of the centerpiece, keeping the design from obstructing your guest's view should be a top priority. However, a lot of brides feel that the only way they accomplish that is with a low centerpiece that is typically below the recommended 12." But now, the trend is to decorate tables with higher arrangements above the guests heads that are at least 24" tall. A great do-it-yourself centerpiece, it shouldn't block your guests' view (as long as the vase is slender and translucent), and it will add a dramatic elegance to the room's décor that a low centerpiece cannot. Here are some easy-to-make, tall wedding centerpiece ideas that demonstrate that more is...more!

Submerged Centerpieces
Instead of having your flowers extend beyond the rim of the vase, totally submerge them in water inside the vase. Typically a full single-stem flower, like a calla lily or tulip, works best, but any flower will do. You can even create a similar look with large variegated leaves that are curled into clear cylinders of water. Just be sure that the vase is at least 12" tall for effect.

Perfect Pedestals
Eiffel tower or trumpet vases stand head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to tall centerpieces. Elegant and easy to make, the small opening of the vase can be filled with anything from long floral stems to curly willow branches. Silver floral stands can also be used to place a small arrangement on top, and pedestal bowls are an excellent choice for a tropical or beach centerpiece with floating candles and sea shells.

Updated Hurricane Lamps
Hurricane globes have long been a favorite when it comes to tall centerpieces. If you like the look but want a more contemporary flair, try a glass vase with a unique shape or a grouping of candles under glass instead.

Unique Containers
Looking for a way to make your centerpieces sizzle? Try a unique vase or container. From oversized martini glasses to wine bottle candelabras, there are plenty of easy ways to dress up your table. Even something as simple as a colored glass vase can make a bold statement on your table.

Now that we've given you some creative ideas, here are some design tips to make them spectacular.

Top Design Tips:
1.Keep the focal point of the design up high at the top with a slender base.
2.For a more complete overall appearance, add flowers trailing from the arrangement, or accent the base of the design with flowers. You can also add one of the flowers used in the centerpiece to each place card holder or wedding favor to unify the table décor.
3.Add under-water lighting for an extra touch that will make your centerpieces glow.
4.Don't settle for just mirrored tile underneath your centerpiece. Add the "wow factor" by placing your arrangement on top of some moss, rose petals, rustic tiles or bamboo mats.
5.Vary the designs, using some tall and some short ones, so that the tall centerpieces don't overpower the room.
6.If you are submerging fresh flowers, you shouldn't make them more than a day in advance because the water will begin to cloud after a day or so. Of course, you can always achieve the same look and have the flexibility to prepare them in advance with silk flowers and simply add the water on the wedding day.

Long-stemmed flowers, such as delphiniums, calla lilies, Gerber daisies and cymbidium orchids, are excellent choices for tall centerpieces for their graceful blooms and vibrant color. With these tips and ideas, you don't have to shy away from tall centerpieces, which can add ambiance to any affair.