Tee Up Your Event with Golf Favors that Score Big
By: Karen Sullen

Whether you are in the gallery or on the green, golf has become a universal favorite. Men, women, boys and girls have been captivated by the mix of skill, conditioning and sheer luck of the game. Every round of golf presents a different outcome for the sportsman and the spectator, and that unpredictability keeps them coming back for more. It's no wonder that golf events are on the rise, and a host of golf-themed favors can be used to accent them or appreciate those who have worked hard to pull them off. Here are some great ways that golf favors can create some fairway fun!

Golf Tournament: Charities, civic clubs and organizations often use golf tournaments to raise funds or awareness. Don't miss the opportunity to thank those who participate. Greet them with a gourmet cookie shaped like a golf bag at tee time or place one in their souvenir bags as a delicious surprise.

Welcome Bags: Out-of-town guests are sure to enjoy golf-theme gift bags filled with an assortment of snacks, tees and chocolate golf balls. Whether they are in town for a golf event or just a golf lover, they will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Bags can even be personalized. Perfect for corporate meetings at a golf resort!

Country Club Wedding: If you've chosen the lush green fairway as a backdrop to your wedding or reception, then an 18th hole cookie would be a whimsical favor to choose. It lets everyone know that you scored a "hole in one" as you celebrate on the green!

Groomsmen Gifts: Appreciate your favorite foursome with a gift that represents your passion for the game! A silver-plated golf ball opener is an elegant and useful gift for golfing groomsmen. They are also perfect as a golf-themed wedding favor, especially if the bride and groom are golf enthusiasts.

Remember, even a bad day at golf is still a good day! Master the game and tee up your event with golf favors that score big!