The Deep South has retained a heritage of elegance and refinement that still echoes to the present day. From its fiery beginnings three centuries ago, through the sweeping turbulence of the Civil War and Reconstruction, and into the 20th Century's renewed economic growth and prosperity, the original graces of Southern charm remain in the hearts of many of its residents. The South's unique notions of elaborate social manners, abundant hospitality, and measured pace of life all intermix, creating the perfect setting and tone for a unique wedding reception event. Even if you're not living below the Mason-Dixon line (or its modern boundaries, the SEC), a Southern-style wedding promises both simplicity and glamour, with a flavoring of sophistication that's practically European in its detail and beauty.

Staging a Southern-style wedding is surprisingly easy, and only really takes a few careful steps of the imagination. Some easy ways are included here to get your southern wedding planning started!

Rope Lanterns
Add rustic flair with candlelit lanterns

Hold your reception outside, on the lawn of an old mansion or plantation. A wedding in the Old South was the social event of any season, with entire towns and villages arriving to pay their respects and admiration to new couples. Because by custom most weddings took place in the summer months, receptions were often held outside, to accommodate the crowd. Outdoor decor can really set the mood as well, so try adding a little classic, yet rustic, flair with beautiful candlelit lanterns on the lawn or hanging from trees.

Do some research and see what antique homes or similar banquet facilities are available in your area, and if they allow events on their grounds. Ideally, the front lawn will include a ancient and drooping oak tree, to make a perfect wedding photograph backdrop. A Southern-style outdoor reception lends itself very well to garden party and spring-themed receptions. When planning the formal arrangements, you'll be able to use such accouterments and design elements to decorate your reception space.

Serve Authentic Southern Cuisine: A transplant from the North once famously remarked that true southern cooking involved anything that was fried in batter. He wasn't completely wrong. However, Southern cooking also includes more healthy fare such as red beans and rice, huge portions of Caesar salad, and broiled catfish or cod. Serving a Southern feast might include a buffet of such items, where guests can pick and choose their own portions. Serve the dinner with ice cold Coca-Cola or Iced Tea, with plenty of Community Coffee and pastries for afterwards.

Show Your Hospitality With A Charming Favor: Southern hospitality began in plantation homes situated on the banks of the Mississippi River. Guests were so scarce on those remote estates that families living there began treating their guests like royalty in the hope the travelers would visit again on the return trip. As your guests are often from out of town themselves, the gift of and elegant wedding favor is a charming way to evoke that timeless tradition.

The wedding favor itself might be something simple, such as a photo frame or calla lily placecard holder; something as luxuriant as a cherry blossom soap favor; or even something as elaborate as monogrammed or personalized glassware or coasters. The gift itself is a symbol of your gratitude and generosity, so it should ideally match the scale and size of your wedding reception. For example, a simple wedding ideally requires a simple favor, and vice versa.

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