10 Wedding Themes Grooms Will Love
By: Karen Sullen

Even though many women dream of their wedding day like a story from a fairy tale from the time they are little girls, let's face it, men don't. They've probably considered the type of woman they want to marry, but after that very few men have the details all planned out in their heads. So much focus is on the bride, and rightly so-it's her day. But, isn't it also his? Should he really be surrounded with frou-frou and lace when what he really wants is fireworks and a martini bar? If your groom has been less enthusiastic about the wedding plans, get his attention by incorporating one of these guy-friendly wedding themes that might be just what he's been dreaming of.

Hunting for Love
Whether your groom prefers deer or quail, incorporating a hunting theme is like creating a sportsman's paradise. Now before you start thinking about camouflage and shot guns, try focusing on the fall aspect of the hunting season and the beautiful autumn colors. Having the ceremony or reception in an old hunting lodge aglow with candles would be quite cozy. You could even have the groom's cake in the shape of an animal and add similar touches to the wedding cake. Personalized sportsmen's coasters would make excellent groomsmen's gifts or favors.

Viva Las Vegas
Congratulations! You've hit the jackpot! There's no better way to show that you're lucky in love than with a Las Vegas theme. Whether you fly off to the city of lights or bring it to your reception, a Las Vegas theme can be a lot of fun. Turn your first dance into a production by taking ballroom dance lessons in advance. Scatter personalized chocolate poker chips across the tables and give everyone a deck of playing cards as they leave.

Wine Lovers Welcome
Not just for wine enthusiasts, choosing a wine theme can be an elegant and tasteful affair. The best location is a local winery surrounded by a lush landscape and natural beauty. Offer unusual or rare wines for tasting with cheese as a pre-reception treat and finish the night with a gourmet Italian meal. You'll have everything you need to create a true winery experience—just don't do the stomp the grapes!

Ski Getaway
Snow-capped mountains surrounding a quaint village—what a wonderful backdrop for your wedding! Planning a weekend getaway at a ski resort complete with a roaring fireplace is a great destination wedding idea. Thrill seekers can exchange their vows at the top of the slopes and take the plunge after saying, "I do!" Family and friends will enjoy skiing and shopping, and you'll enjoy snuggling by the fire. At the end of your winter wedding weekend, give each guest a snowflake favor to remind them of the wedding.

Martini Bar
Create your signature "couple-tini" to be served along side a host of specialty drinks at the martini bar set up at the reception. Guests will have fun experimenting with different tastes. While this would definitely work better for a smaller gathering of family and friends, serving your signature drink for the toast in personalized martini glasses can be enjoyed at most any affair. Olive and martini-themed favors are a great way to say "Olive You!" to your guests.

Cigar Anyone?
For grooms that truly appreciate a good cigar, this wedding theme helps him share his second love with family and friends. If he's a cigar smoker, chances are many of his friends are as well. And even if they're not, having a hand-rolled cigar makes quite a souvenir! To really "light" things up, have a professional onsite to hand roll custom-blended cigars and a smoking room to enjoy them right away.

Pet-friendly Weddings
In years past, having "Man's Best Friend" participate in the wedding might have been frowned upon. But nowadays, it's become pretty common. Dressed for the occasion in bows and collars, plenty of pets have found their way down the aisle, typically as ring bearer. If pets are a big part of his life, make them a big part of this special day (even if that means sending Fido to obedience school before the ceremony.)

Ride Like The Wind
Motorcycle themes are perfect for bikers, and there are so many ways to incorporate them into your wedding. A creative florist can use the helmet as the base for the wedding centerpiece, and the groom's cake can definitely be in the shape of his bike. But when it comes to great escapes, hopping on your Harley as you leave the wedding reception or having your own motorcycle parade is the best!

Tropical Paradise
Reciting your vows on the beach with a gentle breeze in your hair, the tide licking your heels and the sand squishing between your toes is a beautiful way to begin your new life together. Because it's an outdoor wedding, many of the frilly touches that would normally accompany a wedding are replaced with natural beauty as guests enjoy the ocean view. For the carefree couple, it's an elegant and romantic way to have a ceremony that is more gender neutral.

Sailboats at Sunset

Guys love nautical themes! If your hubby-to-be can't wait to get out on the water, having the ceremony at a yacht club or on the pier would be excellent venues for your nautical nuptials. For the reception, lifesaver favors, sailboat tea lights and nautical décor lets you set sail on the sea of love.

These are all great ideas, but when it comes to making a groom happy on his wedding day, all of them pale in comparison to the joy felt seeing his bride walk down the aisle and saying, "I do" to the woman of his dreams.