With the excitement and gift giving spirit of the holiday season, holiday wedding favors traditionally take on a more festive shape and texture, becoming as much a thoughtful Christmas present or holiday stocking stuffer as a way to thank guests for attending the wedding. And like stocking stuffers, the presents range from candies to small but charming keepsake mementoes. Presented below are a few of our top holiday winter wedding favors.

Holiday Wedding Favors

The Snowflake Bottle Stopper: a perfect gift for the wine enthusiast or even just someone ready to spread a little Christmas "spirit," the snowflake wine stopper features a multi-tined Art Deco snowflake atop its sturdy and reusable stopper frame. A star-shaped cutout in the snowflake center makes a whimsical finishing touch. Each stopper comes packaged in a snowflake gift box with ribbon and tag.

Holiday Ornament Place Cards: It's hard to deny the simple yet lovely charm of these delightful ornament wedding favors. They're perfect for hanging on a Christmas tree, for keeping on the holiday mantle, or for using to top off a gift. This set of 6 ornament place card, adorned with snowflakes includes place cards, perfect for your winter wedding table decor.

Personalized Coffee and Tea Favors: Available with label designs that suit any of dozens of wedding reception motifs and design schemes, these personalized party favors hold only the freshest gourmet coffee or tea in their freshness-keeping airtight pouches. The labels bear the couple's names and anniversary amid the designs. Perhaps even more intriguing is these favors' usefulness. They're not only perfect for the rehearsal dinner or reception, they also make great favors to give the morning after the reception, in care packages as wedding party members arrive, or for any of several other uses.

Personalized Silver Foil Lip Balm: Elegant with its silver foil design, this lip balm is a perfect gift for your wedding guest. Lovely silver foil lip balm party favors that guests can use not just in the holiday season but year round, it's presentation is really just the crowning touch.

Finally, the Silver Mercury Glass Tealight Holder glows with a light that's perfect for long and intimate winter nights. Each silver mercury tealight holder with its mercury glass and sleek design makes a delightful accent to any celebration. Guests can use them time and again, either for a candle holder or for an ambient decoration.

Holiday Winter Wedding Favor Ideas