What Happens In Vegas… Could Last Forever!
by: Michael Kabel

Las Vegas is America's playground, and a Vegas wedding may just be the height of impetuous romance. Whether you're planning a romantic wedding getaway to the city, or if you're bringing Vegas' charm your wedding celebration, there's all kinds of fun just waiting for you.

Actually getting married in Las Vegas isn't as easy as movies and TV make it out to be, however. You need to prepare a little first.

Getting married in Las Vegas

You've probably seen a movie or television show where two characters, possibly drunk, wander into a Vegas wedding chapel and emerge married minutes later. Under Nevada state law, getting married isn't quite that easy.

Couples in Vegas must obtain a license from the Clark County Marriage License Bureau, located within the city courthouse on Third Street. A license costs $55. However, there is no blood test required and no waiting period. Both participants must be 18 years of age or older.

International visitors can be married in Vegas, provided they obtain a marriage certificate and an apostille from the Nevada Secretary of State. The certificate costs ten dollars and the apostille costs twenty. The Secretary of State's office will mail the documentation directly to the international couple's government.

With those preliminaries out of the way, there's any number of famous chapels and wedding boutiques to choose from, many located within resort hotels. Many offer themes according to the resort's design, ranging from medieval weddings at the Excalibur to American Western at Texas Station, and many more throughout the city.

Planning a Vegas-themed wedding reception

For the couples that aren't going to the city itself but still want to enjoy its flashy ambience, planning a Vegas reception affords the best of both worlds.

Decorating the reception venue according to Vegas can be expensive and elaborate, evoking the most audacious Vegas-style glamour, or can be a more refined affair that invites guests to a night of sumptuous elegance. Choosing the right tone for the couple's wedding plans is a matter of individual choice.

Classically, Vegas casinos feature a color scheme of vivid primary colors or rich textures of red, bold, and brown. The main area of the venue can be given to dining, while gaming tables line up around the perimeter.

Planning a Vegas wedding feast.

Besides the gambling, casinos are probably most famous for their restaurants and entertainment. And since most modern casinos offer lavishly diverse buffet tables, treating your guests to such a feast is both theme-accurate and a true delight for them. Include delicacies such as steak, steamed shrimp or lobster on the buffet and include plenty of appropriate sides. And don't forget a vast dessert bar, so guests get to "clean out" their appetites.

Choose the games to share your good fortune with your guests.

The reception can offer a "casino night" full of amusements, including roulette, blackjack, and poker. Find out if talented casino personnel are available in your area to operate the games, and remind guests they're not actually playing for cash. You could offer prizes instead of extra favors or a dance with the bride or groom instead.