Your provider of unique and special Wedding Favors wanted to share with you some advice from Peter Dutton, someone whose unusual tips might help you to put everything in perspective:

The biggest piece of advice, advice which I rarely came across in my reading through all the advice books, is that your guests will have fun pretty much no matter what you do. They are there to have a good time. This even goes for those annoying relatives who insisted that you absolutely have to wear petunias and raised such a fuss when you went ahead and ordered begonias instead. Once the wedding starts, they'll forget all about it. And if they don't, instead complaining that everything is utterly ruined throughout the entire day, well, then you're glad they're having a miserable time, right?

So do what you want. Sing if you want to (as long as you can sing well, preferably. You don't want to actively chase away your guests).

The corollary to that (and this is even rarer and better advice) is that your guests notice a lot less about what's going on than you do. You have been elbow-deep in the wedding planning. As a consequence, you know the size of every napkin, the color of every ribbon, the number of hours you spent picking out suitable favors. Your guests, on the other hand, might notice that the bride is wearing a big white poofy dress.

Consider your first day at a new job. All your new coworkers know everything about anything, it seems, while you can't remember where the bathroom is. Now switch places. Of course you know everything about your wedding. Your guests just can't - they're too overwhelmed with trying to talk to you, grab an appetizer, and pick up a date for the evening at the same time to notice that the coasters are the exact same shade as the bridesmaid's fingernail polish.

Heck, we had printed up table cards that had our new address and phone number on the back (which we thought was a great idea). Every guest got one, of course. And you wouldn't believe the number of people who asked us for our new address after the reception. Not because they lost their card. But because they didn't even notice the address was there in the first place and thus didn't bother to keep it!

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