Throwing Your Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding requires a giant effort, involving many hours over the course of several months. So much so, that in working out the details of a wedding ceremony, some couples and wedding planners neglect or otherwise under-plan the wedding reception. This is a shame, because guests typically spend more time at the wedding reception than the ceremony. No one wants to see their wedding reception break down or guests grow bored, yet this is a potential danger without careful planning. For example, I have seen guests leave a reception early, simply because not enough food or beverages were ordered for everyone.

The two most important elements to consider when planning a wedding reception are color and theme. Often, the two are interrelated, and decisions may easily present themselves. If your wedding and reception is held in the fall, you may elect to have a fall-themed wedding, whose color scheme would naturally involve warm golden, brown, and red tones. Likewise, a spring wedding would feature tones of blues, greens, and cool yellows. Working from that basic idea, brides and planners can work out the details of their receptions’ decorations using the color scheme as theme or guideline.

Another choice for theme receptions involves reflecting the bride and groom’s favorite places, getaway spots, or even honeymoon destination. Beach-themed weddings may involve decorations such as colorful umbrellas, flip-flop shaped favors for the guests, or cocktail mixers and recipes at every table. When planning this type of reception, the food, drink, and favors will do most of the “heavy lifting” in carrying the theme across to guests. Beach themed weddings would possibly include barbecued cuisine, or a Hawaiian spit roast. Other types of theme receptions might include the bride and groom’s favorite sport or activity, such as golf or football, and feature this motif at every table and throughout the reception space.

One increasingly popular trend in wedding reception is the cultural theme. In recent years, many couples have chosen to have a reception that incorporates Asian design motif and patterns. The color palette and delicate elegance of Asian art and decoration allows the reception a certain worldly sophistication with subtlety and aesthetic structure. Asian-themed weddings may include decorative screens, delicately arranged floral bouquets, a miniature Zen rock garden at each table, and favors consisting of small candies or personalized fortune cookies as place cards. Asian themed weddings do not necessarily have to serve Asian food, but the presentation of the food and the cutlery and plates might have an Asian flair to them – for example, a bamboo table service ring or take out boxes for the end of the meal.

When planning a reception, it is important to remember that the theme is primarily a message the couple wants to communicate to the guests – something that shows their appreciation and reflects their own interests and personalities, as well. Really, creativity and thought are the best tools when planning the reception and ensuring it remains remembered for years to come.

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