Wedding Transportation Planning

by: Michael Kabel

You’d hate for your guests to miss the ceremony – especially if only for the want of reliable transportation. It’s a fact that many of your wedding guests will come for your celebration form out of town. While staying with friends, family, or in a hotel, they’ll need reliable transportation of their own. And public transportation? Not really reliable. You’d hate to see guests or even wedding party members miss the reception, or – worse yet – arrive late for the ceremony because they couldn’t get a cab, or because the trains ran late.

So if you hold a larger wedding or just have plenty of guests flying in, you should plan to provide transportation to all the wedding events. And you’ve got your own transportation to consider, too. All kinds of romantic conveyances sit ready for your approval, from horse drawn carriages to stretch Humvess to classically traditional limousines. There’s a lot to choose from, and a lot to plan.

Transportation for the Guests

Determining how much transportation to get your guests really depends on how many people come to your wedding and how close the reception venue is located to the wedding hall. If the two locales are in reasonable walking distance, you can probably get away with only a few cars to help the older guests and those who might not be in the best shape for walking.

For larger events, for celebrations held in the suburbs, or for moving guests between distant facilities, you’re going to need something more organized. Many limousine companies offer shuttle buses (like the kind used by hotels and casinos to ferry guests) that can comfortably transport many guests at once, and are operated by professional drivers. Some companies even rent touring buses (the larger kind, like a Greyhound or modern school bus) to transport all of your guests (or at least most of ‘em) in a single trip.

These companies are extremely busy at some times of the year, though. Make your transportation plans at least 4-6 months in advance of your ceremony date, so you can adjust as needed later and to make sure the vehicles you rent are available.

For the Bride & Groom

The transportation you pick for yourself is just about the biggest single expression of your attitude towards the wedding. You can be creative, or traditional, but remember that the last image guests see of you on your wedding day will likely be you getting into your wedding whip.

The traditional ride is a black limousine, though some prefer a horse-drawn carriage (at least for a mile or so, until you get to somebody’s car.) More imaginative brides and grooms take a horse drawn carriage, or a similar conveyance that echoes their reception motif. Creative transportation is a great way to “seal the deal” on a theme’s decorations, allowing for the availability of the transport in question.

Making Transportation Arrangements

Contact the limousine and chauffeur companies in your wedding’s area to check availability and if negotiated prices are available. Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals, either. You’ll want to make sure the service you get is as reliable and courteous as possible for your guests.