A Whiter Shade of Beauty: Winter Flower Arrangements & Bouquets
by Michael Kabel

How romantic to get married in the wintertime! The cozy intimacy of spending cold evenings by firelight, the promise of holiday warmth among friends & loved ones and the serenity of snowy landscapes all create a deeply evocative ambience completely unique from the rest of the year. Winter is among the most romantic of times, and probably the subtlest and most understated for its beauty.
Whether you're planning to get married between November and February or just planning a winter-themed wedding for any other season, winter is also the hippest and most fashion-forward motif for all your wedding celebrations. More brides choose to have their wedding in this cool, crisp season - and many of them save fortunes in time and money in the process.
Contrary to popular belief, a winter motif doesn't have to simply resolve around warm blues and cool whites. The floral arrangements you choose can create a perfectly unique statement of color and texture that highlight any palette or motif you choose. White is the color of both winter and brides alike, though, making it a natural choice.

White Weddings, White Blooms
For any bride or wedding planner hoping to keep things simple and bridal white, the wintertime is probably the best time for flowers! White poinsettias and elegant calla lilies create a sophisticated presentation both at the ceremony and for the reception. The distinguished calla lily, long a symbol of bridal beauty and charm, also makes the perfect bouquet choice for your cool, graceful walk down the aisle.
If you're a Southern bride or if you simply appreciate an old school touch of class, the ancient magnolia blossom also makes a great choice - and it’s a flower with a message. The magnolia is sometimes a symbol of commitment, so they'll add just the right meaning to your bouquet or ceremony arrangements.
Other wintertime wedding flowers include white poinsettias, Casablanca and stargazer lilies, gardenias, tulips and snowball mums. If your wedding falls around the holidays, you may also choose to use white chrysanthemums, the symbolic flower of truth.

Cool Centerpieces
For all the white you'll probably want at your wintertime wedding, the reception centerpieces are a great way to liven up each table with a little color. Red chrysanthemums add plenty of romantic heat to any table. Pinecones and cinnamon braches, combined with holly sprigs and angel's breath, create presentations that are both festive and lovely while at the same time reminiscent of your theme and the coming together of friends and family.

How & When To Buy
The winter blooms and floral arrangements described here are actually offered by florists predominantly during the winter season. You'll save money when you order them relatively close to your wedding date. These winter floral arrangements are considered "in season," so unlike other kids of flowers there won’t be an extra charge if your wedding takes place during the winter months.
As a trained expert, your florist will most likely have valuable ideas regarding the centerpieces and bouquet. They don't often get the chance to plan such arrangements, and may also have plenty of creative and original ideas for just this occasion. As you finalize all your many wedding details, they're a resource worth exploring.