Warm Your Holiday Décor with Cool Winter Wedding Favors
By: Karen Sullen

Ah, the holidays. What a wonderful time of year! With a crisp chill in the air and a hot cup of cocoa in hand, the wintery landscape has you dreaming of a white Christmas. For those fortunate enough to live in the North, a snowy winter is a normal occurrence. But for those living in warmer parts of the country, a white Christmas is considered to be rare and even non-existent. The closest some people may come to seeing snow is in a picture or if they happen to attend a winter-themed wedding accented with snowflake wedding favors. Indeed, wedding favors are a creative and unique way to add some arctic ambience to your winter wedding. Here are some ideas to help you create your own winter wonderland.

A Favorable Centerpiece
Use the Snow Flurry wedding favor to make a wedding centerpiece by placing several snow-filled glass ornaments in a silver bowl. Accent with berries or holiday greenery and let guests know that they can take one of the ornaments home with them after the wedding. The same look can be created with winter scented pine cones.

Good Wishes are Adrift
Rather than simply placing the Embossed Elegance snowflake boxes on the favor table, create a scene! Stack regular cardboard boxes at varying heights on the table and cover with shimmering white fabric to create the appearance of a snowy embankment. Scatter the snowflake boxes on top and around the display. The snow will "drift" away as each guest takes their wedding favor box filled with a delicious treat or gift.

Light up the Night with Snow
Snowflake tea light candle holders are an excellent way to warm up your holiday décor. The rim of each glass holder is touched with an elegant snowflake pattern. When lit and placed around your holiday centerpiece, your table will positively glow. Otherwise, scatter the snowflakes around the table so guests can easily enjoy the warmth of the candle's glow at home.

A Holiday Tree-t Indeed
If you're planning your winter wedding around Christmas, why not display the snowflake place card holders on a Christmas tree as directional ornaments. Guests will have fun locating the personalized ornament on the tree and can use it to find their seats. After the wedding it becomes a unique wedding favor that will decorate their tree year after year.

Don't Waste Cookies On Santa
Santa isn't the only one who would appreciate a plate of cookies, especially when they're as cute as our snowflake cookies! Placing 2-3 cookies on each plate will have your guests asking for milk and thanking you for the delicious treat. They are a great way to add color and a touch of winter to your table décor.

From cocoa to candles, there are plenty of winter wedding favors that can be incorporated into your wedding décor, bringing the warmth of the holidays to your event.