Classic Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Wands


Classic Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Wands

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Features and Facts:

  • Each pretzel wand is approximately 6.75" long.
  • Crunchy pretzel sticks are dipped in your choice of chocolate or caramel and decorated with either Belgian Chocolate drizzles, milk chocolate sprinkles or English Toffee bits in a variety of delicious combinations.
  • Choose from Caramel, Caramel w/Almonds, Caramel w/Toffee, Dark Chocolate w/White Chocolate Drizzle, White Chocolate w/Dark Chocolate Drizzle, Milk Chocolate w/Chocolate Sprinkles, Assorted Chocolates, or an assortment of all flavors.
  • Wrapped in clear cellophane bags that are heat-sealed at both ends.
  • Minimum 12 quantity.

These wands will disappear like magic as soon as you place them on the wedding favor table. And who could blame your guests for gobbling up these delicious pretzel sticks? They're double-dipped by hand in your choice of creamy caramel or classic chocolate and then decorated with either Belgian chocolate drizzles, milk chocolate sprinkles, or English Toffee bits. Yum!