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best man

Your best man is with you through thick and thin. At bare minimum, he’s going to plan an epic bachelor party and give a killer toast at the wedding reception.There are the little things that a great best man does, like helping you pick out your tuxedo and lending you an ear when you need […]
Have you just accepted the important role of being your best friend’s best man? If so, congratulations! While you probably know that you’re in charge of the bachelor party and have to give a killer speech on the big day, there are some other best man duties you might not know about. Your role is […]
The best man has special duties that set him apart from the other groomsmen. He’s in charge of making sure the groom is where he needs to be on his wedding day. Even before the big day, he plans the bachelor party, keeps the other groomsmen organized and comes along for tuxedo fittings–not to mention he […]