He’s the Best: 10 Best Man Duties You Might Have Forgotten

Have you just accepted the important role of being your best friend’s best man? If so, congratulations! While you probably know that you’re in charge of the bachelor party and have to give a killer speech on the big day, there are some other best man duties you might not know about. Your role is much more important than you think.

Best Man Duties

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1. Get Everyone to the Suit Fitting

Just like the maid of honor organizes all the bridesmaids, you’re in charge of the groomsmen. Schedule a day where all the guys can get together to pick out suits and get them fitted. Matching shoes are a must! Don’t forget to get an okay about color or style from the bride and groom.

2. Help the Groom Choose a Tux

And don’t just say “it’s fine” to everything he tries on. You want your boy to look good.

3. Participate in the Rehearsal and Dinner the Day Before

You should take the whole weekend off, not just the wedding day. The day before, you’ll be needed for the rehearsal as well as the rehearsal dinner, sometimes called the groom’s dinner.

4. Keep an Eye on the Guys

Is the groom going to be late? Is one of the groomsmen still in his basketball shoes? Keep an eye on the guys and make sure they’re ready when they’re supposed to be. Time is money and weddings are expensive.

5. Keep the Groom Chill

Cold feet is normal. Calm him down and reassure him that he’s doing the right thing. As much as you think giving him a beer or a shot might loosen him up, moderation is key. You don’t need him passing out at the altar. It happens more often than you’d think.

6. Guard the Wedding Rings

Unless there’s a ring-bearer, you’re in charge of holding onto the rings on the big day. It’s up to you to hand them off when the officiant gives the word. If you attended the rehearsal (and you should have), you’ll know exactly what to do.

7. Sign the Marriage License

You’re a witness. Above all else, you’re there to sign the marriage license at the end of the ceremony. Without that, your friends aren’t hitched.

8. Get Things Moving

Once the reception hits, it may be difficult for the bride or groom to give the signal to staff when dinner should be served or for when the DJ starts the first dance. Cut the bride and groom some slack and take charge of this yourself.

9. Dance With Everyone

Don’t just stick to your date. You’re the best man. Make sure you dance with the bride, the maid of honor and any moms that want the privilege.

10. Decorate the Getaway Car

While not exactly necessary, this is a time-honored tradition. Whatever vehicle the bride and groom are taking at the end of the night, deck it out with trailing cans and a “Just Married” sign.