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Spring marks an amazing time to head your wedding outdoors. However, thanks to spring’s unpredictable weather, your special day might include a spring shower or two. There’s no need to worry when you’re prepared and got these products on hand. See what beauty buys can help you keep your makeup intact during spring showers. We like: […]
From Mad Men to Boardwalk Empire, big retro curls are back in a big way. To do this look for your big day, try using the same products your mom and grandmother probably used–hot rollers. The newest models have frizz-fighting technology and longer-lasting results. Check out our picks below to score chic old-school waves and […]
For your wedding, you’ll want to step up your makeup routine. Having a special scent or lipstick for your big day is something that you’ll treasure forever. Check out our beauty picks below to get inspired by some sophisticated and special items you should keep in your makeup bag for the big day. Lipstick: Too […]

How to Layer Eyeshadows

Neutrals are nice, but they can look even nicer when layered over each other to make the ultimate neutral smokey eye. It’s a great makeup look for your wedding day–it’s light enough for day, but also dramatic enough to stand out in pictures. Before applying color, prep your eyelids (especially if you’re prone to slick, […]

Eyes are the windows to the soul, so open yours up with the right lash product. There might be a dizzying array of them at your local drugstore, but they can all do different things. Length, separation, volume, waterproof, falsies…which do you prefer? We’ve got your lash guide below to help you find the best […]