How to Layer Eyeshadows

Neutrals are nice, but they can look even nicer when layered over each other to make the ultimate neutral smokey eye. It’s a great makeup look for your wedding day–it’s light enough for day, but also dramatic enough to stand out in pictures. Before applying color, prep your eyelids (especially if you’re prone to slick, oil lids) with a shadow primer–it’ll help control shine and cause shadow to stick and stay in place all day. To open up and brighten the eye area, apply a highlighting powder or liquid along the brow bone under your arches. Once you have a color palette in mind, take the lightest shade and dust it across the entire lid up to the crease. Then, starting from the middle of your lid and moving outward and in the crease, apply the medium shade, carefully blending the line where the colors meet. Lastly, take the darkest color and apply it to the outer corners and blending it out to soften the lines. Swipe on a few coats of lengthening waterproof mascara, and you’re ready for your big day.

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