Why You Should Start a Pinterest Board for Wedding Day Inspiration

For decades, brides would collect wedding magazines and clip their favorite pictures to go in one big wedding binder. They could peruse the pages for inspiration, checking out place-settings, centerpiece ideas and the very best potential wedding dresses.

Now that technology is such a major part of our lives, why not use Pinterest to collect all of your wedding day inspiration?

5 Reasons to Create a Wedding Day Pinterest Board

  1. You can pin anything you want. Do you want a nerdy themed wedding? Or maybe you just really want to focus on the reception? When it’s your Pinterest board, you can do anything you want with it. Use your imagination!
  2. You can make multiple boards for each aspect of your wedding. Do you want a separate board for wedding dresses and another board for wedding cakes? No problem! Plus, this can help you better organize your wedding inspiration.
  3. You can search Pinterest for more inspiration. See the search box on the top right when you’re signed in to Pinterest? You can use this to search all of Pinterest for what you’re looking for. Want to find pictures of emerald wedding shoes or adorable flower girls? You can do that and repin anything great you find onto your own boards.
  4. You can follow traditional bridal magazines on Pinterest. These awesome periodicals have realized the inspirational nature of Pinterest as well, and they regularly add the best wedding ideas on their boards. Be sure to follow Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine, Brides Magazine and Exquisite Weddings Magazine on Pinterest.
  5. Apply what you’ve pinned. It’s one thing to pin your favorite wedding themes and quite another to actually apply them to your own wedding. Why not pick 5 of your favorite pins and use those as you plan out your wedding? After all, that’s what inspiration is for!

What are you going to pin on your Pinterest wedding boards?