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Host a Friendsgiving Shower

It’s that time of year where friends and family gather together and celebrate all of the wonderful things they are thankful for on Thanksgiving. What better way to celebrate an engagement than with a friendsgiving shower? A Delicious Potluck This fun alternative to a more traditional shower is a wonderful way to bring friends and family […]

Fall-Inspired Wedding Makeup

Fall is almost officially here, can’t you feel it? If you’re getting married this season, borrow some makeup inspiration from the great outdoors. Check below for some classic fall looks that you’ll wear on your wedding day and all season long. 1. A Crimson Lip Work a dark lip like a pro. Apply lip balm […]

Your Favorite Fall Favors

We’ve already told you how to incorporate brown into your fall wedding, so why not make the season a part of your wedding favors, too? The rich fall tones–orange, brown, red and yellow–add a nice dramatic touch to your wedding and favor theme. Read on for our most festive fall favor picks. 1. Stop It […]