Host a Friendsgiving Shower

It’s that time of year where friends and family gather together and celebrate all of the wonderful things they are thankful for on Thanksgiving. What better way to celebrate an engagement than with a friendsgiving shower?

A Delicious Potluck

This fun alternative to a more traditional shower is a wonderful way to bring friends and family together for the holiday. Host your friendsgiving on a weeknight or Sunday afternoon and have each guest bring a dish to share, maybe a recipe they’ve been dying to make.

Natural Décor

For décor, a natural tablescape is lovely for this get-together. A kraft paper lined table topped with sprigs of pine, birchwood candleholders and lots of pillar candles gives this shower a warm and inviting feel.

Notes of Thanks

Ask each guest to write down what they are thankful for or their favorite memory of the bride-to-be and toast to the happy couple and their journey into this new season in their relationship.



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