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  • October is a great month for weddings. The weather is mild and the changing leaves create a stunning backdrop for wedding photos. Of all the fall holidays, Halloween is a winning theme for a wedding. If you’re having a Halloween wedding, you can add a bit of the spooky drama to your wedding cake. One […] View Post
  • Doctor Who Wedding Inspiration

    Some couples come together because of shared interests. In addition to loving each other for the traditional reasons, they also love to watch the same shows, read the same books or play the same games. For some ready-to-get-married couples, Doctor Who is what brings them together. This classic British sci-fi/fantasy TV show has a large […] View Post
  • Well, I don’t know who’s wedding cake this actually belongs to, but my guess is that it had to be Goliath! Who else would need a 7-layer cake that’s 17 feet tall and weighs an astonishing 15,032 pounds? Yep, it’s for Goliath, alright. Surprisingly beautiful, the detail is amazing. Frosted with swirls and intricate “lace” […]


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