Doctor Who Wedding Inspiration

Some couples come together because of shared interests. In addition to loving each other for the traditional reasons, they also love to watch the same shows, read the same books or play the same games.

For some ready-to-get-married couples, Doctor Who is what brings them together. This classic British sci-fi/fantasy TV show has a large fan base and plenty of people have had Doctor Who weddings. If you’re that kind of couple, these wedding photos are sure to provide some awesome inspiration.

Image courtesy of Stay Strong

As guests enter the wedding, they’ll know they’re in the right place when they see this fun sign. Who wouldn’t want a nice TARDIS for their “something blue?”

Image courtesy of Pinterest

At the reception, greet guests with this Doctor Who guestbook. That’s right, it looks just like River Song’s journal. “Spoilers!”

Image copyright binarywinter on Etsy

The groom and groomsmen can get into the Doctor Who wedding theme with these ties. Of course, they could always go with bow ties instead. After all, bow ties are cool.

Image courtesy of The Mary Sue

A Doctor Who wedding wouldn’t be complete without an appearance from the TARDIS, the Doctor’s time machine/spaceship shaped like an old police box. Bring the theme to your wedding reception by adding the TARDIS right on top of your wedding cake.

What other ways would you turn your wedding into a great Doctor Who-themed affair?