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Don’t let the word “oil” scar you away. The newest crop of oil-based makeup and skin products won’t cause a dreaded breakout. Instead, these nutrient-rich products leave you with moisturized lips and soft, silky skin. See our top picks below for a glowing complexion and a plump pout on your wedding day. We like: BITE […]
Good skin doesn’t happen overnight. Developing a routine and sticking with it can lead to longtime changes. Follow the tips below for a better complexion. 1. Drink water. Yes, it’s cliche, but your skin needs water to stay plump, hydrated and healthy. New research shows that you should drink half your body weight in ounces […]

Winter can provide the perfect backdrop for your wedding. Crisp air, cozy guests and a romantic setting will make your big day even more special. However, dry skin can be one of winter’s downfalls–a problem a busy bride doesn’t have to worry about if she prepares with the right products. Simply upgrading your usual routine […]