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The snow sparkles as it clings to empty tree limbs, the scent of pine tree lingers in the air, and the ground is covered in a white blanket of snow. Winter already has a magical and romantic quality to it, so why not have a white winter themed wedding? What really makes this style of […]

T’was two weeks ’til the wedding— A winter affair. We had quite a long guest list, And they’d all be there. A The weather was chilly, And I had to find Wedding favors for winter— The heartwarming kind. A So off to the Internet! Fingers a-flying! Low prices and quality Guided my buying! A But […]


Good thing love warms the heart! I don’t know how the weather is where you are, but it is mighty cold here. With temps below freezing and gusty winds, it’s enough to make anyone want to stay inside in front of a cozy, warm fire. So, if your guests are having to brave the elements […]


With all the hub-bub about Bridal Fashion Week going on in New York, a lot of attention has been paid to the dresses–and rightly so. But, as a girl who LOVES shoes, I can’t help but be taken by the great selection of chic bridal shoes by Vanessa Noel that tweeted about at the […]