T’Was Two Weeks ‘Til the Wedding

T’was two weeks ’til the wedding—

A winter affair.

We had quite a long guest list,

And they’d all be there.


The weather was chilly,

And I had to find

Wedding favors for winter

The heartwarming kind.


So off to the Internet!

Fingers a-flying!

Low prices and quality

Guided my buying!


But this above all!

Our gifts must be unique,

And look like they came

From a tres chic boutique!


I have style and flair!

It’s my turn to flaunt it!

And My Wedding Favors

Had just what I wanted!


I found snowflakes on candles

And chrome bottle stoppers.

I knew this was the place

For smart wedding shoppers.


We could hear guests exclaim,

As they rode out of sight,

“What fabulous favors—

“And a glorious night!”