Wedding Etiquette

Is It Tacky To Ask For Money as a Wedding Gift? - Considering a wishing-well wedding? Explore the views of brides, guests, etiquette professionals and international wedding planners to help answer the question of whether it is appropriate to ask for money as a wedding gift.
Gifts for the Maid of Honor - The maid of honor is, next to the groom, the most important part of your wedding party. Give her the gift to match her stature with this handy guide.
A Guide to Bridesmaids Gifts - Bridesmaids aren’t just wedding guests, so they deserve more than just a favor. Learn more about proper bridesmaid gift etiquette, and how to choose the gift that says exactly what you mean.
Tipping at Your Wedding - Don't forget to tip at your wedding rehearsal dinner and reception. It's expected, and it means a lot to your hard-working servers.
Paying for the Wedding, Rehearsal Dinner and Reception - It’s your wedding celebration. So, who pays for what?
You Are Cordially Obligated? Wedding Invitation Etiquette - Should you invite your co-workers to your wedding? How about your boss? Which relatives should be invited? Look here for the answers to these and more.
The Wedding Partiers: Taking Everyone Out Together - Take the whole wedding party out for a night on the town together.
Children and Weddings: What Everyone Needs to Know - Should parents take their children to a wedding? Should wedding planners prepare for the presence of children during the reception? The answer to these questions and more are provided here.
Here's To You Making The Perfect Wedding Toast - Here’s help to make a meaningful wedding toast with advice from a senior staff writer.
Crossing Lines While Going Down the Aisle: Interfaith Marriages - Interfaith marriages sometimes face a tougher challenge than marriages within the same religion. But that challenge can be overcome.
How To Make the Right Choice For Your Interfaith Officiant - Picking the interfaith officiant that’s best for both your families and for your wedding ceremony, too!
Helping Your Family Understand Your Interfaith Wedding - How to help your family embrace your upcoming interfaith or mixed-faith marriage.