10 Ideas for a Whimsical Wedding

Every bride deserves the wedding of her dreams, and if she dreams of whimsical details, unicorns and flirty florals, today’s wedding theme is perfect for her. We’re sharing 10 ideas for a whimsical wedding full of color and magic.

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1. Pastel Petals for a Whimsical Wedding

Your wedding flowers can determine the entire feel of your day, so make sure they represent the feel you’re going for! For this whimsical wedding, choose purple, pink, yellow and peach flowers for your centerpieces and bouquets – their pastel colors will set the tone for your wedding and will add to the magical feel of your day. Pair these colors with gold mercury glass accents that will add some sparkle to your wedding decor.

2. Playful Hanging Garlands

Garlands and swags are definitely a trend in weddings right now. Get creative and put a twist on the traditional garland by hanging strings of flowers from the ceiling above your ceremony altar and your head table at your reception. They’ll add an even more whimsical feel to your party and will wow guests with their color and beauty.

3. Personalized Glassware

There’s nothing more magical and whimsical than unicorns, and including them in your wedding day will add so much fun. Personalize your glassware for each guest with a unicorn motif and a sweet phrase, like ‘Magic Potion,’ for a wedding that will be unforgettable in your guests’ minds.

4. Non-Traditional Sweets

If your wedding is going to be non-traditional, make sure your wedding cake follows suit! Have your baker create something as unique and beautiful as your wedding day, complete with lots of unexpected treats like macaroons, donuts, sprinkles and more. It’ll be the most fun you’ll ever have eating cake!

5. Wedding Photos to Cherish

You’ll always cherish your wedding photos, but when you have a mini horse dressed up like a unicorn, you’ll have wedding photos you’ll want to display in your home forever. Your theme will be even more adorable when a mini horse is in attendance!

6. Fun Favors

Wedding favors are a fun way to thank your guest for helping them celebrate your big day with you. But there are so many ideas for favors – how do you choose? Make sure to find something that is either meaningful to you or that matches your wedding theme. These heart-shaped unicorn boxes are perfect for filling with your favorite candies or trinkets and match your whimsical wedding theme perfectly.

Take Your Whimsical Wedding to the Next Level

Looking for fun ways to take your wedding theme to the next level? Have a cotton candy machine! Cotton candy is the perfect whimsical snack and is a fun little extra treat for your guests. Have the cotton candy match your theme even more by adding glitter to the bottom of the paper cones. Your guests will be lining up for this special treat and it will make for some fun photos!

Get Glitter Bombed

Instead of traditional bubbles or birdseed as a wedding toss on your big day, get glitter bombed! Supply each guest with a little bottle of glitter to sprinkle on you as you make your grand exit – you may get covered in sparkles but it will only add to your wedding attire for this whimsical wedding theme. One quick note – make sure your wedding venue allows glitter before they toss it! Some venues have strict no-glitter policies.

All the Colors of the Rainbow

Glitter, unicorns and rainbows all go together, so when you have the first two incorporated into the day, you better include the rainbows as well! Use rainbow plates at each guests’ seat for them to use for dinner, and choose a signature drink with a lovely color that matches your wedding theme as well. Both will only add to the whimsy of your wedding day.

Flowers in Your Hair

A whimsical wedding day is not complete without a crown of flowers atop your head. In colors and blooms that match your centerpieces and bouquet, wear a flower crown to complete your wedding look. Have your bridesmaids wear smaller versions of your crown to have a wedding party that looks like they’re straight from a magical dream.

Your whimsical wedding will be all people can talk about if you include lots of lovely details for guests to enjoy, and it will be a day you’ll never forget!