10 Reasons To Avoid a White Wedding Dress

White is–and will always be–the color of choice for wedding dresses. But before you head straight for the rack of ivory beauties, do yourself a favor: consider a different color. A differently colored dress may be the right choice for your wedding. Pink, blue, green; the choice is up to you.

pink wedding dress

Image courtesy of Wedding Wire and Alita Graham

10 Reasons Why You Should Go With a Different Color For Your Wedding Dress

  1. You want to do something different. If you’re the type of girl that likes to dress in ways that no one expects, white might not be right for you. Choose your signature color, whether red, pink, lavender, or any other show-stopper.
  2. You don’t fit the meaning of a white wedding dress. White wedding dresses were once a symbol of virginity. A woman in a white wedding dress is meant to be virginal and pure. If you don’t feel comfortable donning this color when you don’t fit that description, choose a different shade instead.
  3. You think it’s too young. Many older brides feel uncomfortable wearing white. They tend to think white is reserved only for young brides. While that’s not really the case, you need to be comfortable on your big day. If you don’t feel comfortable in white, choose something else.
  4. This isn’t your first jaunt down the aisle. Traditional ball gown-style white wedding dresses are perfect for a first wedding, but may seem tacky if you’ve been down the aisle before. In this case, you could either choose a more demure white wedding dress, or go with a different color entirely.
  5. You’ve got a beach wedding. If you’re getting married in the tropics, a traditional wedding dress will be way to big and heavy in the heat. Use this opportunity to choose a different dress in a tropical color like yellow or teal.
  6. You’re having a costume wedding. Costume weddings are a fun way to hold a wedding to remember. Not only do you get to dress up in costume, but so do your guests. A Halloween wedding could have you dressed like the Bride of Frankenstein. Or a Star Wars wedding could have you walking down the aisle as Princess Leia in a gold bikini. Go all out for your themed costume wedding!
  7. You’re keeping it casual. Some people prefer casual, small affairs for their big day. If that’s you, you could wear just about anything to your wedding. Your favorite little black dress? Jeans and a flowery top? A bathing suit? There’s no wrong answer when it comes to your special day.
  8. You’re eloping. Grab your favorite dress from your closet and make a run for it!
  9. You want to make an entrance. If you like to shock people, choose a different dress color and keep it a secret from your guests. When you step down the aisle in a bright blue dress, no one will forget it.
  10. You hate white. Not everybody likes white. If the thought of a white frock makes you gag, keep it out of your wedding plans.

Then again, if you like tradition, you can always stick with white!