10 Ways to Stay Present on Your Wedding Day

If you know people who have gotten married, you’ve likely heard this complaint when all was said and done:

“I felt so rushed through the whole thing. I never even got to eat the dinner! It was such a whirlwind, I barely remember any of it.”

You’re putting all of this money and preparation into your big day, it would be a shame if you didn’t get to enjoy it.

Image via MightBoyBrian

Read on for our ten tips for staying present and enjoying yourself on your wedding day.

  1. Allow for lots of extra time throughout the day. Do you think you could get ready in two hours? You should plan for double that. For any part of the planning process, allow a bunch of buffer time to avoid feeling rushed.
  2. Accept help when it’s offered. If someone asks if they can help you carry something/transport flowers or get you a can of soda, say “yes.” Don’t worry–it’s not demanding if they offered!
  3. Put down your phone. Don’t get caught up in texting or Facebook when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself. You could even leave your phone in the car.
  4. Assign someone to guard detail. Sometimes guests just won’t let you have a break. If you need time to sit and eat, let a nearby friend know so they can fend off the well-wishers with a “Can you come back? She needs to eat right now.”
  5. Limit professional photography to a small window. While professional wedding photography is a must, resist the urge to splurge on an all-day package. Posing for photographs all day will prevent you from actually enjoying the festivities.
  6. Let people tell you what you need to hear. If someone makes a suggestion–like that you should probably sit down for a while–listen. They mean well and they probably have a better idea of what you should be doing than you do.
  7. Pay attention to your new spouse. This day is about the two of you! Don’t forget to have some romantic time together.
  8. Don’t feel like you constantly need to work the room. So many brides feel like they need to mingle with every guest–and many of these brides never even get to taste the dinner because of it. While you should say hi to everyone, it’s okay to limit it to a sentence or two. They’ll understand.
  9. Take breaks. Stress can creep in pretty easily on your wedding day. Take breaks whenever you need them, even if it’s just a quick breath of fresh air outside by yourself.
  10. Enjoy yourself. Today is about having fun! Make sure to enjoy the little things and have a ball.

If you follow these tips, you’ll hopefully have a great wedding that you’ll remember every detail of.