$20,000 Bridal Shoes–Good for the “Sole?”

Happy Monday! Sue here again with my TWIST (The Way I See Things!) Let’s talk about bridal shoes today, girls! It’s a pair of shoes that, more often than not, is hidden under a gorgeous wedding gown.

You’re going to be in them for quite a while on your wedding day, so I imagine you want them to be both stylish and comfortable. And you’ll probably wear your bridal shoes just the one time. Maybe you’ll spend anywhere from $50 to $200, which is fairly sensible.

But did you know that, if you’re so inclined and you have a never-ending source of money (i.e. access to the Trump, Winfrey or Gates fortunes or you’re a top Hollywood celebrity or recording star,) you can nab a pair of handmade bridal shoes for the considerable sum of $20,000?

Yes, you can. And they’ll look something like the photo in the upper-left-hand corner. Allow me to introduce the magnificent handiwork of Anello & Davide, an 86-year-old British footwear company that has created kicks for Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles (remember the “Beatle Boot?”) and for Judy Garland, who wore their unforgettable, sparkling ruby slippers in The Wizard of Oz.

shoe.jpg OK. I’m a woman. I get it. Though I’m not as into shoes as most of my friends, I know “it’s a shoe thing.” But really, most of us would think someone totally insane to spend $20K on a pair of shoes, especially shoes you’ll only wear once. And we’d be right.

However, I’ve given a lot of thought to my spending philosophy if I were to have an Oprah-like income, and I must say, why not have the best of everything? What else is money for? It’s not like you’d have to sacrifice something else, like health insurance or top-of-the-line wedding favors just so you could have those shoes.

On the other hand, it does seem a shame to have an absolutely phenomenal pair of shoes sitting in your closet just to eventually donate them to a charity where some lucky woman with the right shoe size will purchase a pair of $10 bridal shoes that originally cost as much, if not more, than her entire wedding. Well, if the shoe fits…