2013 Wedding Beauty Trend: Emerald

Happy 2013! As you plan your wedding this year, keep in mind Pantone’s color of 2013: Emerald.

While last year’s Tangerine Tango provided a citrus-y accent color to weddings, this year’s jewel-toned green adds a bit of elegance and serenity.

Image copyright Trisha Bartle

If you’re not sure what to do about your wedding’s main accent color, 2013’s color trend is a great way to go.

We’ve curated some of the best ideas for incorporating Emerald into your wedding. Get inspired with these colorful tips.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

While there are wedding dresses out there decked from head to toe in emerald, you may not want such a bold and non-traditional gown. For just a splash of this deep, soft green, tie an emerald sash around your waste. Then, you’ll have the same color theme on your dress that’s seen throughout your wedding.

Image courtesy of Wedding Thingz

For full-emerald dresses, leave that to your bridesmaids. Since emerald complements nearly every skin tone, your friends won’t be disappointed with this color choice.

Image courtesy of Polka Dot Bride

Wear emerald shoes for a pop of color. As you walk down the aisle or shimmy the night away on the dance floor, guests will get the occasional glimpse of green.

Image copyright Lang Thomas Photography

Your husband-to-be can also rock this trendy color of the year for a 2013 wedding.

Image courtesy of Ruffled

And, of course, you can always add emerald to your wedding cake. Yum!

Other ways to incorporate Emerald into your wedding:

  • Use it in your wedding makeup as a subtle emerald smoky eye.
  • Send out wedding invitations that incorporate emerald into the type color or accents.
  • Add emerald-colored leaves to your bouquet to tie in the theme.
  • Set out emerald placemats or cloth napkins to add colorful accents to wedding reception dinner tables.

Are you going to use emerald in your 2013 wedding?