2014 Wedding Color Trend: Radiant Orchid

Welcome to the new year! With every new year, Pantone announces the year’s new color. Last year, it was all about emerald. This year? The 2014 color of the year is Radiant Orchid.

Image copyright Trisha Bartle

Radiant Orchid is a rich purple with undertones of fuchsia. This super pretty color is perfect for a 2014 wedding. Not sure how this could fit in with your own wedding? Then check out some Radiant Orchid wedding inspiration.

Image courtesy of Ruffled

Flowers are the perfect place to incorporate Radiant Orchid into your wedding. After all, it’s a very flowery color!

Image courtesy of MyWeddingNigeria

Another great place for this color? The wedding cake!

Image courtesy of Invites Weddings

Use Radiant Orchid to dress up your bridesmaids. I’m betting they’ll love the color.

Image courtesy of Capitol Romance

Who says you need to stick with a white wedding dress? Instead, you can add some Radiant Orchid for a much more memorable wedding dress.

How will you use Radiant Orchid this year?